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Over the last 30 years Sweetpotato Promotions and Soundsystem has established itself as the place to be to experience the best in ital roots and bass music

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Sweetpotato Soundsytem positive vibration spreads this message loud and clear!

The strictly ital sound system!
30 years vegan reggae DJ Earthpipe and his heavy weight Sweetpotato Soundsystem, a powerful messenger promoting global unity, irrespective of colour or religion or political views. As humans we all have one thing in common, a collective human responsibility to look after our only home planet earth and to respect & protect ALL life here. Essential for our survival and that of future generations!

We all love the beauty and diversity of nature, we love our pets and our children show us from an early age that we naturally are born to love animals.

It is now obvious we must all make a change to our destructive lifestyles and wake up and realise our individual negative effect on our fragile environment and the innocent sentient life here. Life given to us to protect and manage not to exploit, kill and profit from until there is nothing left.

Collective consciousness and positive change or collective catastrophe it is our choice and time is running out for us!
The world is run by the greedy, power and profit hungry leaders who are simply irresponsible and psychotic and we cannot trust or wait for them to make the necessary changes in environmental policies and practices.
Now it is left to us!

Join us support us in a celebration of every effort we make, no mater how small, towards securing our future and that of all life, by embracing a healthier diet and lifestyle with compassion and peace in our mind and hearts!

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30th June – 3rd July 2022


29th July – 2nd Aug 2022

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